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Solid Waste


Each Sioux City residential solid waste customer is allowed one (1) City Wide Collection provided tote for garbage and yard waste that will be included in your base garbage fee. Additional totes may be rented for solid waste and yard waste from City Wide Collection by contacting 712.279.0151.

Personal approved trash containers may be used as well; however, each additional container placed at the curb will need to have a one-time use pre-purchased $1.00 sticker* affixed to the container in order for collection.

Garbage may be placed in plastic garbage bags, but the garbage bags must then be placed in a container for collection. Customers are strongly encouraged to place all their trash in plastic bags to be placed inside the waste containers to help reduce blowing litter problems that occur during disposal.

Residents do not have to separate garbage and yard waste. Residents may mix garbage and yard waste together in City Wide Collection totes. Additional garbage and yard waste may be placed in extra totes rented from City Wide Collection, or in a personal garbage container no larger than 35 gallons in size. Residents who use City approved personal garbage containers must affix a solid waste sticker to the garbage container each time it is set out for collection. Yard waste may be set out in the paper lawn bags, but each paper lawn bag must have a solid waster sticker* affixed to the bag.

*Stickers may be purchased at City Hall, Fareway, Hy-Vee, Indian Hills True Value, Laurences Foods, and Wal-Mart.

To order a tote, get a tote fixed, or to obtain more information about tote rental, please contact City Wide Collection at 712.279.0151.